Never Give Up

Hi there. My name is John Tran. For the past 5 years, I have never stopped doing researches and learning about different career paths. People like to say: “be your own boss.” But they have no idea how hard that is. I work everyday, almost 16 hours per day. The only thing that keeps me going is the passion in this field. I work without being aware of it. Sometimes I get up in middle of the night to write down some ideas for my team. This job is endless. But I'm not complaining. I like difficult challenges and I know that I can only grow rapidly when I push myself out of my comfort zone. 

I'm open to all opportunities and partnerships. If you have any suggestions, question, or photos that need us to work on, please contact 

We are located in Denver, Colorado.

Work History

I always thought my work transition was interesting. I was a waiter for a long time. The job was challenging and it taught me a huge amount of valuable lessons. I learned the important of getting things done on time and to always put customers' satisfaction on top of everything. Then, I switched to be a pizza delivery driver for 2 years. I have so much respect for cars ever since then. I learned the basic repair for cars and quickly realized how important it is to be independent. I then started learning how to fix bikes and sell them for profits about 2 years ago. This job was very fun. It allows me to do things on my own. I was my own boss. It taught me that quality is always better than quantity. It also taught me a lot about patience. I fell in love with negotiating ever since. However, the bike industry only blossoms in the summers. I then discovered a way to do business with Real Estate agents. Time goes by and I have finally form a strong talented designer team who can produce exceptionally high quality images for real estate industry. 

How Does It Work?

You send us your photos and tell us what style you would like for the photos  (email: We will email you back within 5-15 mins to let you know the estimate time in which we will complete your order. We never pass deadlines. We are committed to providing exceptional quality images to our clients while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and workmanship.  

Why Virtual Staging?

Provides Home Buyers a Visualization -  Buyers always imagine what the rooms will look like with furnitures before they buy the property.

Appeals to Online Home Buyers - Give them a Cost Effective Reason to Visit Your Listing

Hassle Free - Send Us Your Professional Photos, We Do the Rest!

No More Moving Furniture or Furniture Rentals 

Time Saver - 24 Hour Turnaround

Economically Smart - cheaper than home stagers/movers

More Design for Less Money - Each Photo is Completely “Touched” by Our Designers

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